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2013 Show Year

Late summer 2013

It was so much easier this year to take a break from showing and nice to concentrate on a bit of judging for a change. We still had Efa’s Shropshires to show and a few Dartmoor classes however we had more time to see more of the shows this year. I really enjoyed my day judging at the Denbigh and Fflint show. The class was easy with only John Toppan entered and I resisted the temptation to put him second! Well done Team Toppan! The last show was Meirionydd Show in Bala. Efa and her shropshires were in the any other breed class up against beltex and Charmois, Rough Fell, Ryelands and Southdowns. Meinir Jones ( Maesteilo) was judging and had a very difficult job. Catrin continued her blossoming show career and won second with a Torwen ewe lamb and a third for her ram lamb. Hopefully next year we will be able to concentrate more on showing the badgerfaced breed. Efa’s show season was completed with winning the Shropshire Sheep Breeders Assoc,  Farquar Novice Trophy which was awarded to her at the Shropshire AGM.

Team Toppan – Fflint & Denbigh                         Shropshire group of 3 class       

Denbigh & Flintshire Show

Robin was judging the Badgerface class at the show, therefore only Dartmoors and Shropshires entered.

The Dartmoors, judged by Mr Flexman did not go so well, ElCyd the ram, champion only 5 days earlier, was placed at the end of the line, and the shearling ewe was fourth in a good class. Congratulations to Emma Dale on her championship.

The Shropshire class was judged by Mr. S Johnson of Staffordshire, and was graced for the first time by Marion & Aubrey Webb all the way from Leicestershire. Our breeding ewe was placed first in class, Hawk the ram was second in a strong class, Bonnie the lamb fourth, and the new Piddington shearling a disappointing fifth, and the group was second. Congratulations to Anne Harvey on champion and reserve.

Catrin made a late decision to enter the young shepherd under 10yrs competition with Bonnie the Shropshire lamb, to be judged by Mr G Davies of Abergele. Catrin bottlefed and halter trained Bonnie, and the lamb repaid her by behaving impeccably, impressing the judge enough to award first prize. It was a very special moment for Catrin who has been in the showing shadow of her elder sister, and the little shield she was awarded has been given pride of place, front and centre on the dresser.

Eglwysbach show 10/8/13

Our favourite show of the year, always good stock on display and excellent weather.

The Shropshires were entered in a strong lowland class judged by Tudur Jones of Llangefni. Hawk the ram, the shearling ewe and Bonnie the ewe lamb all placed third in class, and the Sprotborough ewe was second in classes dominated by some superb Hampshire’s. The Badgerface were judged by Mrs Llinos Davies, Llangadog and saw the debut of two of our new Torddu ewe lambs. Unfortunately, they were not placed this time, but our Torwen ram lamb was awarded third in class. The primitives were judged by Rhodri Owen, and our Manx ewe Saepes Hazel was awarded third and her lamb was second in the ram lamb class. Mr. Owen also judged the longwool class, as usual dominated by Greyface Dartmoor’s, but which included for the first time some Devon & Cornwall longwools. Our new ram Elcyd was placed first in the ram class, and ewe lamb Damson was third, sadly both shearlings were unplaced. The group of three were awarded the reserve championship, and the ram the overall title.

Royal Three Counties Show, Malvern

A very long journey, to this a show recommended to us by fellow exhibitors, the showing began with the Shropshires on the Friday, judged by the much respected John Brigg. Hornpipe Hawk was our first candidate, and to our delighted astonishment he left the ring with a red rosette. Boris the ram lamb was suffering from ‘transient scours’ therefore did not make it to the ring, his mother our Sprotsborough ewe was sadly unplaced following her strong Shropshire show. Amelia, the Hornpipe shearling ewe was fourth as was Bonnie our ewe lamb, a strong showing for a bottle fed lamb. The championship was taken by a magnificent Stonegrove shearling ewe, and reserve was taken by our own Hornpipe Hawk.

The Saturday was the Badgerface day judged by Mr T G King. Two ewe lambs, and a ram lamb were taken to the show where they are exhibited in a mixed class. One ewe lamb was pulled out from a large line up, and was eventually placed second to Aled Groucott’s Torddu lamb. The three lambs were put together for the group and came away with a second place. Congratulations to Lucy Levinge on a deserved championship, and to Aled Groucott on reserve.

Sunday is the RBST rare breed national show, and the Shropshires were out early. This time Hawk was second in a mixed age ram class, and Sprotty the ewe was third. The Dartmoors made their first appearance of the weekend judged by Mr. William Dawe. Sadly the ewe went lame in the pen therefore couldn’t be shown, but our shearling ewe more than made up for it with a first place, and the ewe lamb took a second place.

Nefyn Show

Just 3 Shropshires out as Robin was judging the Rare, Primitive and Badgerface classes. Hawk the shearling ram was second in class and the Hornpipe shearling ewe placed first, the other unplaced. The group was placed as reserve to a Blueface Leicester trio.

RWAS Spring Festival 2013

Three Dartmoors were taken and the best that can be said that the ewe got a third place. Congratulations to Carol Bateman on the class and group win, and to Peter Blythe on reserve. The Shropshires were in a very strong class of Suffolks and Polled Dorset’s the best result to the shearling ram in third. The championship was taken by the fine Suffolk of show commentator Gwyn Davies, despite his protestations that they were owned by the bank manager.


Shropshire Show

Our first visit to this show, and we are sure that it won’t be the last, finding it friendly with plenty to entertain. The Dartmoors looked very small against experienced opposition, but we were delighted to come away with a second for the shearling ewe, and thank judge Ann Willcox for her constructive feedback, nice to find a fellow Badger refugee in the Dartmoor clan. Our reason for choosing this show was to attend a Shropshire class. The ram kicked things off with a fourth, in a very strong class of mixed age rams, both ram and ewe lambs were unplaced and the Hornpipe shearling ewe was fourth. The breeding ewe class was our big hope as we knew that Sprotty was in great condition and a top three placing was hoped for. We were delighted when judge Mike Adams called her forward for first, and then astounded us further with the reserve female championship. Both Efa and Catrin took the Shropshires out for the young handler competition, Efa taking the 5 to 9 age group category, the overall taken by Ellie Butcher a fellow Shropshire exhibitor.

2012 Show Year

Sioe Llanrhaeadr 4/8/12

An early start for Robin and the girls with a small trailer full of Torwens and Shrops for the Llanrhaeadr Show. Arriving early allowed us to briefly tidy up a few of the sheep before the show but the storm clouds overhead were brewing. Euros Owen of Llwydfaen, Tal y Cafn, Conwy was judging the rare breeds and also the badgers. He was very impressed with Efa’s handling skills and it was a tough job in the strongest class of the show. Rhys was second to a fine Southdown ram but after that she went on to win with the ewe lamb and shearling ewe who also took reserve champion to the Southdown ram.

The Torwens had a great day with almost a clean sweep for the Ram, Ewe lamb, shearling ewe and the group of three including the Ffrith cup. The ram took reserve champion to John Toppan’s Torddu ewe.

Eglwysbach  9/8/12

As usual Eglwysbach was awash with sunshine. Lucy Levinge was judging the badgers together with junior judge Miss Ellie Leighton in charge of the ewe lambs. Hopes weren’t that high as the shearling ewe had had enough of showing and also the very strong classes comprising of several Royal Welsh winners. However our ewe lamb was very alert and proud and managed to win her class and also beat off very stiff competition to win champion and also the Mieri cup for the second year in a row.


Sioe Mon  14/8/12

I thought last years weather was a one off but unfortunately this year was worse if anything ! Again with just Efa and Robin attending it was with a slimmed down show team. First off was Efa who took first in the rare breed young handlers with her shearling ewe. She then went on to win first prize with her ewe lamb and ram lamb and reserve female champion.

Bethan Watkin was judging the badgers and we got off to a great start with our ram winning his class and went on to win champion male. Our ewe lamb went on to win her class and reserve female champion. Our ram then went on to win overall reserve champion to Jenny Langfords shearling ewe.

Sioe Dinbych a Fflint 15/8/12

Another show and yet another early start ! With a few of the show team feeling the strain of 3 shows in a row we left our torwen shearling home to rest. Badgers were judged by Mr. Bob Pierce on a lovely sunny day after a wet start. Our ram took first place and reserve male champ and our ewe lamb was placed second.

Efa was looking forward to taking part in a proper shropshire class judged by Mr. L Newman. Unfortunately due to us being non MV we were treated like lepers by the stewards and made to stand in the corner. Mr. Newman was not deterred by the MV police, and carried on regardless. He was very impressed by our shearling ewe and awarded her supreme, and female champion with reserve going to Miss Anne Harvey’s ram.  One first for the hebs in the ram lamb class.

Sioe Llanrwst 18/8/12

This I'm afraid is where it gets a bit hazy, to many shows in a short space of time means that results and shows tend to melt into one! Anyway, the Torwen ram took a first but the day was dominated by the very well turned out stock of Jenny Langford. Efa had a good day with the Shropshires with the shearling taking reserve champion to Dylan Jones’ Hill Radnor ram. The hebs had one first in the ewe lamb class.

Sioe Meirion

Not a good day for the Hebs with two seconds and a third, firsts for both the shearling and ewe lamb in the badgers, but again the laurels went to the Langfords. The Shropshires had a clean sweep winning all classes entered and took reserve in the group and champion overall for the shearling.

Sioe Cerrig

A good day for the Badgers with the ram and ewe lamb taking first place, and the ram was awarded champion with D & M Jones ewe as reserve. The hebs left with the reserve championship and two firsts. And we must congratulate Gerwyn Jones on his success in the sheep of the year competition for rare and primitive sheep, Efa ran him close with just 5 points in it, but the Shetlands just had the edge.

Royal Welsh Show 2012

The last time I competed in the Royal Welsh show was in the shearing competition 15 years ago. The following year I was due to compete but missed the competition and came home with a wife! Many things have changed in the following years but the joy of competing in Builth the pinnacle of Welsh shows remains. It was a bit of a whim on entering knowing that the Torwen classes are amongst the highest entries in the show with this years 109 entries no exception. The week started on the Friday with a day off work and some frantic trimming. Three sheep were entered –  aged ram, shearling ewe and ewe lamb. I was nervous enough about showing without having the extra stress of taking a lorry down for Dylan Pant y Hyddod and his Balwens.

Saturday arrived and with an early start to get things together, dogs walked, wine and beer gathered and chilled. The lorry was late but finally arrived and loaded and I was off. Driving down solo in a lorry I’ve never driven before was quite  an experience and even though I never quite mastered third gear I managed to get it down to Builth in good time and in one piece. Unloading was a doddle – the sheep and tack were unloaded in to their respective pens and the lorry parked into its allocated area. Id listened to all the advice and concurred that going on the Saturday was a lot less stressful than the Sunday! A few cans later in the sheep shed and stockman’s was well earned!            


Strong Torddu class                                              Shropshire Ram class

Sunday was spent chilling out and watching the queues of trailers stuck for 3 hours waiting to unload. The evening was a bit busier and having met with a few friends we ventured up to Penmaenau to listen to Bryn Fon. Monday morning came far too early with a sore head and 3 hours kip! The Torddu's were up first so having helped out Gerwyn Pittard sort his sheep I managed to get a quick run round the show. The Torwens were due at 3 so after lunch the main trimming and tidying commenced together with the nerves! It was a sweltering day with many bottles of water consumed due to the heat (and not because of the night before!)

First out was Butty the ram in the ram any aged class. With such a class including both shearlings and aged rams competition was high and out of a class of 20 or so I survived the first cut but narrowly missed out on the final selection. Jenny Langford took first place with her shearling ram. Next in was the shearling ewe in a class of 27. Again hopes were high after surviving the first cut and was very close to getting into the final selection. The last outing was with the ewe lamb with which I had high hopes. Again we survived the first cut with Glyn King making some hard decisions with witling the 37 strong class down to the final 10. I was very worried when he had picked his 9 and was really trying to decide on the last one but thankfully we were drawn up. After some more consideration we were moved up to 6th spot and the chance of a rosette. I was overjoyed with coming away with a card in such a strong and prestigious competition. It was a long sweaty afternoon but thankfully with a few beers in the following Society Party I soon de stressed!                 


              Butty (TWRS1) our aged ram                               'Belle' (TWT401)

I must admit many things have changed since I last stayed in Builth. Beer prices had tripled for a start and everyone had got younger. Being on my own though I was made to feel very welcome by fellow society members and have come away with fond memories especially of the night we enjoyed a few bottles of home made sloe Vodka in the sheep shed!! I must admit it was hard work and a long week and I was glad to go home. I doubt it if I could manage another long show but am grateful for the experience and to compete against the best and come away with a card.

‘Baby Belle’ (TWV37) ewe lamb

Trefor Show 14/7/12

Our first show since Builth due to the cancellation of Bethesda and the North Wales show, was bathed in lovely sunshine, a welcome respite from recent heavy downpours.

Badgerface Welsh Mountain Judged by G Williams

A good entry gave Mr Williams plenty to ponder and we were pleased to get a run out before the Royal Welsh. A championship for the group accompanied a first for the ewe lamb, the championship was taken by Henry Jones with a Torddu ram and reserve Dyfrig & Myfyr Jones.

Rare breeds & Primitives judged by Neil Adams, Llandygai

A strong entry as always at Trefor, and Efa got off to a winning start with Rhys the ram taking first, as did Swsi the shearling ewe and also Hawk the new ram lamb. They were followed by Arianna a home bred ewe lamb who beat our other ewe lamb Amelia into second. The two ewe lambs joined hawk to take reserve group to the Hill Radnors, and Efa was delighted to take the championship with Rhys the ram. In the primitives, the Hebs took the group championship and a pleasing first for the ram lamb Brychan. The championship went to Gerwyn Jones and reserve Dylan Jones.

The interbreed judged by Trebor Edwards was won by Dafydd Jones with a Texel with the improved Welsh of J H Williams & Son as reserve, the group title to the Black Welsh Mountain trio.

RWAS Spring Festival 2012 Builth Wells

Our annual holiday at Builth, for the re-named smallholder festival. A very popular show, with a huge sheep entry, sadly resulting in confined pen space.

Torwen section judged by Aeron Edwards, Dolparc.

Only one Torwen, the shearling ewe Belle, made the trip as Butty the ram was not putting, and keeping on sufficient condition. A large class of shearlings were whittled down by the judge and we were pleased that Belle remained in contention, but at the final decision she was awarded sixth to the eventual champion shown by the Groucott family.

Rare breed closewool section, judged by Carole Muddiman

A trio of Shropshires were sent to compete in a competitive class historically dominated by the Oxfords. First out was Rhys the ram who came in a very pleasing second to a Dorset Down ram. The ewe was placed first in a strong class, but Swsi the shearling was only 6th adjudged down on her pasterns. The group of three were awarded reserve to the Oxfords, and the ewe took the championship to our huge surprise and delight, with the Oxford standing as reserve.

Primitives judged by Carole Muddiman

A strong entry of Shetlands, Soay’s, North Ronaldsay, Manx, Borerays and our Hebs made for good classes in the primitive section. Sadly the hebs were not to the judges taste with only the shearling ewe and the group of three taking a red rosette. The championship was awarded to the James family with their Shetland ram.


Sioe Nefyn Show, 7th May

The first show of the year was greeted by the usual cold and very wet weather.

Badgerface Welsh Mountain judged by Bob Pierce, Llanddeiniolen.

A few disasters beset the badgers in the weeks leading up to the show, resulting in the withdrawal of our intended breeding ewe, only for her replacement to be discounted due to udder problems. We therefore plucked a completely un-halter trained shearling from the field, and she was first out of the pen along with last years show lamb Belle. To our surprise the new shearling was placed first, Belle second and Dyfrig Jones’ Torwen third. The ewe class was awarded to Dyfrig Jones’ Torddu ewe and our shearling ram  (TWRT 49) was the only one in the class and therefore took red and Butty (aka Gerald) the aged ram was second to Llinos Tyne’s Torddu. The group took champion with Llinos Tyne’s Torddu trio as reserve, and the championship was taken by the new shearling, hereby christened Lucky (TWT 403), with the Torddu ewe of Dyfrig Jones as reserve.

Rare breeds judged by Huw Roberts Rhyllech, Efailnewydd.

After last years successes Efa was keen for Swsi Shropshire to be at her best for the show and her efforts were awarded with a first. Rhys the ram also took his class, but the ewe was a disappointing third. The three together were reserve group to Gerwyn Jones’ Llanwennog, and Swsi took the championship with Dylan Jones’ Hill Radnor ewe as reserve. Efa also took Swsi out for the young handler under ten class, and was awarded second. Swsi took her place in the interbreed competition, and we were encouraged that the judge, Mr. Maldwyn Davies Dinbych, returned for a second look at her, but sadly she wasn’t called forward. The competition was won by Dafydd Jones’ texel with the Llwyn Suffolk as reserve. There is a second interbreed at the show for exhibitors from the Dwyfor area, as the overall winning texel is from the Dwyfor area it again took the honours, but we were delighted when Swsi was placed as reserve.

Primitive Breeds judged by H Roberts, Rhyllech, Efailnewydd

There was only a small entry for the primitive classes, but we were delighted to be placed first in all of the four classes, with Llew the senior ram awarded champion and the shearling ram Agostini as reserve. The group were also awarded the championship.


2011 Show Year

Llanrhaeadr show

Primatives, Badgerface and rare breeds judged by Richard Williams, Glasgoed, Llangefni

Our visit to this show, started well with a reserve championship in the primitives for our heb lamb, Alaw, out on the halter for the first time. The rare section was the best supported in the whole show, and Efa and Swsi did well to secure third in the ewe lamb class. They also entered the young handler and were awarded third. The badgerface section disappointingly had only three exhibitors and the laurels went to the Toppan family.


Anglesey Show

A terrible day of wind and heavy rain kept the crowds away.

Primitives and Rare breeds judged by Peter Titley.

A day of seconds and thirds for the Manx and Hebs our only victory was in winning the group championship. Efa fared much better taking the rare breed ewe lamb class, the female championship, reserve championship and the rare breed young handler title.

Badgerface judged by Emlyn Roberts, Esgairgawr, Rhydymain.

Things went better in the Badgerface class with Butty leading the way in the shearling ram class, and he went on to be champion male and overall reserve.   Eglwysbach Show   Our favorite show of the season, a friendly well runs show with plenty to keep everyone entertained.

Primitives and Rare judged by Derek Harrison Carmel.

Llew the senior ram got us off to a good start with a win, but disappointingly the judge did not like Rufus or Roderick at all. Fabienne the Manx ewe piped Scotty the heb to first, and Swsan the heb shearling narrowly beat Joyce Manx. Alaw the ewe lamb made it two wins in two outings, and she joined Llew and Swsan to take the group. Alaw made it two reserve championships beaten by the Shetland shearling of Gerwyn Jones. Swsi the ewe lamb was placed second in the rare breed ewe lamb class.

Badgerface judged by Brian Kempton.

The Torddu and Torwen were split this year with the champion of each section competing for the Mieri Cup. Butty the shearling ram kept up his good run with a class win, followed by wins for the shearling ewe and breeding ewe. The ewe lamb was a disappointing third, and the group of three took the championship. We therefore had three in the championship line up, with Butty talking the prize and the shearling reserve. Butty then went head to head with the Torddu exhibited by Dyfrig Jones for the Mieri cup, and we were delighted to be awarded the prize. It is not often that Torwens win out in these situations, but the judge broke it down to which animal he would like in his flock.


Denbigh & Fflint

Primitives judged by Vicky Mason.

I was looking forward to this show as it isn’t often that I get to exhibit for a true Hebridean judge. Sadly, an eye infection meant that most of the female entries had to stay behind, including Alaw the lamb on which I wanted Vicky’s expert opinion. Llew led the way with a class win, followed by a second for Roderick and a third for Rufus in the shearling ram class. The breeding ewes had to be left at home but Swsan showed well in the shearling class to beat Joyce Manx. In the championship Swsan was awarded the honors ahead of Gerwyn Jones’ Shetland ewe lamb.   Badger face judged by Jenny Langford   A strong entry saw the shearling ram keep up his class win run, he also took the male championship and was overall reserve.  

Shropshire sheep judged by Ms Y Clinton-Palmer.

Efa and Swsi had never competed against other Shropshire’s before, so we were looking forward to this show.  All Shropshire showers are MV accredited so Efa had to show Swsi separately which made the judge’s task more difficult. Swsi, despite the handicap, won out beating a class of four other lambs. The judge also gave us useful tips and commented on how well Swsi had been turned out, and that even though she was a smaller lamb than the others on display, she was very well put together. Sadly no female championship for Swsi, but a very satisfying class win all the same.

LLanrwst Show

Rare and Primitives judged By Lyn Rowlands.

A good turnout for the rare class, but Swsi did it again taking the lamb class, and reserve overall champion to Rhys Roberts Plas Heaton. The primitives again well supported bringing a class win for Rufus the shearling ram and also the reserve title to Maggie Adams’ Shetland ram.

Badgerface judged by Bethan Watkin

A strong line up for the late replacement judge. Butty the shearling again led the way with a class win and the overall badgerface championship.


Meirionydd County

After campaigning hard we were finally awarded a primitive class, separate from the all conquering rare breeds. The hebs and Manx won all but one of the classes entered and were overall reserve to Helena Searsons Shetland ram. Swsi continued her run of success with a first in the ewe lamb class and was placed reserve overall.   Torwen and Torddu are separate at this show but it was disappointing that we were the only entrants in all but one class. Butty again won the day with our ewe lamb as reserve.

Cerrigydrudion Show

A good day again in the badgerface class judged by Jenny Langford, with Butty again winning his class and taking the championship, the ewe lamb again won hr class. Swsi didn’t fare so well this time coming third in the ewe lamb class, and Swanley the pet lamb took second in the ram lamb class. The primitives sa Gerwyn Jones take champion, reserve and the sheep of the year title. I was pleased with a win for Llew the senior ram, swsan the shearling ewe and Alaw the ewe lamb.

Trefor Show, July 9th 2011

Another lovely day for a show, the threatened showers kept away.

Badgerface judged by Dewi Parry

A good turnout of 4 exhibitors with enough entries to make it the best supported section in the show. Butty was placed first in the shearling ram class, the ewe third and the shearling was second, the group unplaced. The championship was awarded to Tudur with Henry as reserve.

Primitives and Rare judged by ? (We apologise that we never got the name as he was a late replacement due to illness.)

Only three different exhibitors this time but plenty of quality stock on show. Llew the heb ram got us off to a good start with a win in the senior ram class, followed by a first for Roderick the Manx and second for Rufus the heb in the shearling class. Fabienne the manx ewe was placed second, and Joyce Manx beat Swsan heb in the shearling class. The three Manx were the only entries in the group class but received praise from the judge for being an excellent match. Roderick the ram took the championship, with Gerwyn Jones’ Shetland ewe as reserve.

In the rare there were again only three exhibitors, but 5 different breeds on show. Efa again took the three Shropshires with Rhys leading the way with a class win, Julie was third and swsi took her third consecutive class win. The group was reserve to the trio of Balwens exhibited by Dylan Jones, and Swsi was crowned champion with Gerwyn Jones’ Llanwennog as reserve.

A good day was marred by both the Shropshire and Manx being ignored in the inter breed, their teeth were checked but no conformation/wool examination was made. Whilst being realistic about never winning an interbreed with a prim, I do believe that if you have won your section, then you should, at least, be given the courtesy of having the sheep checked in the same way as the other breeds on show. I made my feelings clear both to the judge and to the steward, and will probably be marked as a bad loser or mad sheep woman, possibly both!

North Wales Show, Caernarfon, July 2nd 2011

A gloriously sunny day pulled in the crowds for the ever expanding show.

Badgerface Welsh Mountain judged by Mr W Hughes, Llanidloes.

With four breeds now being shown it has become very hectic indeed on the preparation front !!! The usual three went out again to Caernarfon – the shearling ram, shearling ewe and aged ewe who even though has been weaned is still lacking in condition and elegance! First out was the ram who took third place and shearling ewe who rose through the ranks to take second place, so hopes of another championship were dashed. Unfortunately our hopes rested with the ewe who did very well to come second in her class (2 entries!). I have no excuses only that all my preparations went on the manx and shropshires and perhaps the judge preferred Torddu’s to Torwen’s.

Primitive sheep judged by J Brigg.

A good turnout of mainly Shetlands gave Mr Brigg plenty to consider. First out were the rams with Gerwyn Jones Toppan taking the honours, with my Manx and Heb shearlings second and third. Fabienne the Manx ewe was also second, Mr Brigg questioning the soundness of her mouth, whilst complementing her fantastic fleece and conformation. The shearling ewe class was won by Joyce the Manx ewe beating Swsan the heb into second, and she joined Roderick and Fabienne to take the group championship. When Joyce was purchased, Mrs Newby, her breeder told me that she had selected five ewes for me to choose from and that there was a potential champion in their midst, and if she didn’t win a championship then she would eat her hat! Im glad to say that Mrs Newby’s hat is safe as Joyce took her first championship, with Gerwyn Jones’ Shetland lamb as reserve.

Rare breeds judged by J Brigg.

The new Shropshire ram and shearling joined Swsi the ewe lamb for a very well supported rare breed class. Rhys the ram was first out and took first, Julie the shearling a disappointing fifth in a large class, and Swsi kept up her run with a class win. The three together were reserve group champions, and to Efa’s immense delight Swsi narrowly beat Gerwyn Jones’ Llanwennog to the championship. Not bad for a 6 year old!


Sioe Dyffryn Ogwen Show, June 11th

Our return to this show that we had not attended due to weddings, and clashes with other shows for three years.
Badgerface Torddu and Torwen judged by Emlyn Roberts, Esgairgawr, Rhydymain.

Mr Roberts kindly deferred the start of the class in order for us to finish the rare and primitive classes. The shearling ram was first on show and he continued his good run of results taking first, as did our very hard working ewe despite lacking condition out of a class of five. The shearling was placed second to the Torddu shown by Dyfrig Jones, Toppan. The badgers also won champion group even though the ewe let us down a bit – hopefully now weaned she may improve before the next show. We managed to borrow a couple of hands for the championship where it was down to the wire between John toppans shearling and our shearling ram. The shearling ewe won on the day with our shearling in reserve however Mr Roberts said there was nothing between them and next time it may be the other way around!


Rare and minority breeds judged by Pat Fraser, Bryngwyn, Tanrallt, Llanllyfni.
Efa’s love for Swanley and Dwynwen, her pet lambs, has now grown to include a newly acquired flock of Shropshire's .Swanley was first out, but was said to be down on one pastern and was relegated to second, Dwynwen was unplaced in the ewe lamb class, but Efa was delighted that Suzy the new lamb was awarded first, and the three together were reserve group champions.

Primitive Section judged by Pat Fraser, Bryngwyn, Tanrallt, Llanllyfni.

With seven entries this was always going to be a challenge, and I must thank Myfyr Toppan and Dylan for helping us out. First out was Llew the senior ram placed second, followed by the two Shearlings with Rufus the Heb pipping Roderick Manx to the post. Saepes Fabienne was our only entry in the ewe class and was described as “absolutely beautiful” by the judge and duly awarded first. We had three shearlings entered, Little Scotty heb was unplaced but I was delighted that Swsan a home bred heb took first with Joyce Manx second. We had two groups, competing for the kindly donated John Toppan shield adorned with a heb ewe in readiness for a heb group win, but, the Gods intervened and the Manx were champions, with the hebs as reserve! Swsan the shearling heb was crowned champion, the first recipient of a lovely slate trophy donated by Neil & Maggie Adams, with Fabienne the Manx ewe as reserve.


We always look forward to this show, partly for the competition, partly for the friendly atmosphere, but mostly for two nights away from the kids! The build up was disrupted by the theft of our little Ifor Williams trailer, not worth much in monetary value, but its usefulness was invaluable. We arrived at Builth in good time to set up the pens and furnish the trailer, before departing for town for an Indian meal. Saturday morning was spent getting the Badgers ready, and also assisting Helen Arthan set up the Hebridean Sheep Society stand. Helen mans the stall single handedly each year, and always comes to the ring side to support us in the primitive class, so we were only too glad to offer a little help.

A strong entry as usual for all the badger classes. Only three badgers made the trip, and first out was butty the shearling who surpassed our expectations to be placed third behind Brian Eagles and Huw Williams. The shearling class was huge with 15 entries giving judge Geraint Jones plenty to consider. He did an admirable job whittling the field down to 10 in no time and eventually placing us fourth. The ewe had refused to eat since arriving at the show ground so it was no surprise that she was unplaced , but she did join the other two in the group to take second place. A good result against such fine opposition. An even better result was winning a bet with Lyn Williams as to which of his home bred shearlings was going to win – mine or Aeron’s – both bought in Llanymddyfri sale last year.

Tough descisions in the shearling ewe class  -  Thorough inspection of markings

A much higher entry than usual had us worried that we would not better or even equal our result of reserve champion for the last two years.  First out was Llew the senior ram who was placed second to a beautiful steel grey Shetland ram, the shearlings were next and I was delighted that Rufus a home bred ram was placed first, and Roderick the new Manx ram was fifth. The heb ewe was sixth, the Manx ewe unplaced as was the badly behaved heb shearling. The group of three was third to a charming Soay group, and so Rufus carried our only hope in the championship. I was convinced that the Shetland ram would take the honour, so I was shocked to be given champion with Steven Burns’ Manx shearling ewe as reserve.

Sioe Nefyn Show, May 2nd

High winds threatened this, the first show of the season. Marquees and stands were blown down overnight, and the poultry section had to be cancelled, and the craft and produce sections were hastily re located to the village hall, but, the show had to go on.

Badgerface Sheep judged by Dafydd Williams, Capel Bangor, Aberystwyth.

I was worried about the condition of the ewe and shearling ram as she is rearing twins and the ram had only recently been shorn. First up was the shearling ewe who was placed first then on to the shearling ram who was also placed first (no other entries!). As we suspected the hard working ewe although correct in points was lacking in condition but managed to take second place. I just hope that she can put on a few pounds before the next show.  Next up were the group of three who also took first place although there were no other entries. We were then head to head in the final with our shearling ram taking the championship and our shearling ewe the reserve. So an excellent result all round for our first show of the year however a lot more work needs to be done to get them up to standard for the next shows.

Primitive section judged by Derek Harrison, Carmel.

Four hebs made the trip, and worth while it was too. Nocturne the shearling was placed second let down by her slightly wayward horns, Rufus the shearling ram was placed first, a pleasing result for a home bred ram, and Minerva the ewe was third, again horn set an issue. Llew picked up where he left off last year taking first in class and also the championship, with Helena Searsons shetland ewe as reserve. The group was also awarded the championship.

Young Shepherd judged by Mr Elwyn Rowlands, Cwm Hafod Oer Dolgellau

Efa, our eldest daughter, has really taken an interest in showing, and she has a very natural way with animals. She was very keen to improve on last years results with Tom, and had been halter training Swanley for some time. In a change to last years pet lamb class, this year it was to be more about the handlers ability and knowledge, and she coped very well with both tasks. Swanley the Shropshire lamb, behaved impeccably and both were duly awarded first prize in the under 10 category, and were photographed for inclusion in the Daily Post, and Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald. Both cup and rosette are proudly displayed on the dresser!

2010 Show Year

Sioe Sir Meirion, Harlech

Heavy rain was forecast for the afternoon, but thankfully it kept away.

Torwen judged by Mr Gareth Evans, Peniarth Estate.

At last a split class for the Torwens and with the Twm Jim Memorial cup going to the exhibitor with the most points in the show we pulled out all the stops and brought a full contingent. This meant that in several of the classes – Aged Ram , Ewe and group of 4 we were the only exhibitors and took the spoils. Our Ewe lamb came second and Ram lamb first with an additional ram lamb fourth and third for our Shearling ewe. With three of our team in the championship line up expectations were high but unfortunately pipped once again with John Toppan champion with his shearling ewe and reserve going to our ram Glyn. We didn’t go home empty handed and were awarded the Twm Jim Trophy. Glyn has done tremendously well this year in his third year of showing but can now retire gracefully and concentrate on other duties. Its been a long and hard season and were glad to end it on a high.

  Meinir and Brightside                                 Meinir and her ewe lamb

Robin and Glyn (the Ram) with the Twm Jim Trophy for the highest points achieved in the Torwens

Preparation for next year will start shortly and well have to find something a little bit extra special to contend with next years competition and give John , Bob and all our fellow competitors a run for their money! Congratulations also to John Toppan for another great season and also taking the sheep of the year trophy once again. Get you next year John!

             Glyn in the ram class                     Championship – Ram, ram lamb and ewe

Rare and minority breeds:

Pleas to split the primitive sheep from the larger rare breeds again went unheeded, and my entry was accompanied by a letter of dissatisfaction. Other primitive breeders kept wisely away as the dominant Llanwenogs took centre stage. Llew, Gifford and Brightside came away with third places, mainly as only three were entered in those classes. I do not blame the judge at all, primitives need their own classes, and I have been assured that the matter will be raised at the committee’s autumn meeting. In the meantime, I will be busy drumming up support and sponsorship for a primitive class.


Llanrwst Show, 21/8/2010

Badgerface judged by Tudor Gethin

Again a strong turnout with eight exhibitors giving Mr Gethin plenty to consider. Once again Glyn strutted his stuff and was awarded first in his class, otherwise thirds and fourths again against strong competition from Bob Parry and John Toppan who were battling against each other for the top spots.

Primitives judged by

Sadly the rare and primitive sheep judge had to pull out at the last minute. Gifford the ram was placed fourth, Llew took second in the shearling class as did ram lamb Rufus. A recovered Brightside third and Edna and Magi-Ann second. Champion went to John Toppan and reserve to Jenny Frost. Sadly the show does not offer a group class, nor does it give a reserve champion in all sections. Efa again took along Tom her pet lamb and was pleased to be awarded joint fourth.

Denbigh & Fflint show, 19/8/2010

First time out for the Badgers to this show, as only the hebs made the trip last year.  

BadgerFace judged by D C Lewis, Sennybridge.

A very good turnout for the badgers with 7 different breeders present including Mrs Langford with some very nice Torwens. Glyn was first out and we were delighted that he was awarded first against strong opposition. Otherwise it was a poor day with thirds and fourths. Champion and Reserve went to Mrs Jenny Langford. I believe the sheep like their owners had had enough of shows and were looking a bit tired and not as bright as usual. We were however very impressed with the show itself and will no doubt be back next year.

    Mr Lewis judging the ewe lambs                   Efa and her lamb

Strong shearling ewe class

Primitives judged by T A Ward, Brompton, Church Stoke.

Only three classes for the primitives, therefore only Llew, Gifford, Rufus and Brightside were entered. Edna had to replace Brightside at the last minute as a precaution against a cold. The rams were first out with fellow competitor Dylan Jones drafted in to show Llew. The ram class has been strong this year in the primitives, so we were delighted that Llew was elevated to first place at the last minute, Gifford in fourth. Edna was placed fourth in the ewe class, as was Rufus in the lamb class. Champion went to Jenny Frost and Helena Searson as reserve.

Anglesey Show, 10th/11th August

An early start at 5:30 am, followed a cold, and disrupted night’s sleep on a rapidly deflating airbed in the trailer for this popular two day show.

Badgers judged by Mrs. Jenny Langford, Chester:

Competition was again very tough as is to be expected at one of the biggest shows in North Wales. With breeders like Bob Parry fresh from winning reserve male champion in the Royal Welsh, John Toppan and Tudur Roberts all with top class stock I wasn’t expecting great things this year. Glyn our aged ram strutted his stuff and came first in his class as was our aged ewe. Our ewe lamb came second with high praise from Mrs Langford and thirds for our shearling and ram lamb. Glyn was then awarded reserve male champion for our breed and we also achieved reserve group champion. Once again a very enjoyable show.

Photos by David Roberts

Primitives judged by D Walton:

Gifford was first out and as usual showed himself well eventually placed second to Jenny Frost’s Shetland Ram. In the shearling ram class, Llew made a fantastic show debut, taking first place, with Morgan the four horn in fourth. Brightside the ewe took first, Rufus the ram lamb second, and Magi-Ann the ewe lamb third. Llew the shearling went on to reserve male champion, and accompanied Edna and Brightside to reserve group champions.


Photos by Nerys Roberts

Eglwysbach Show

Last years glorious sunshine was replaced by rather overcast conditions. This is one of our favourite shows, always well organised, with a strong entry to beat any county show.

Badger face judged by Huw Williams, Banc Farm, Llandeilo:

Once again Eglwysbach was full of sheep – even more than the Anglesey show, and again there was stiff competition in all classes. Mr. Williams the judge was very particular with special regard to the ears and tail markings. Unfortunately due to the lesser numbers of Torwens the classes couldn’t all be split. Efa was on hand to help to help with the preparations and also took over the showing of the ram lamb and ewe lamb in readiness for her pet lamb class later on. Efa won first prize with our ewe lamb which was our only first prize of the day with Glyn coming second and the others winning third prizes.

Primitives judged by Mrs. Y Evans, Gaerwen:

The rams were first out as usual with Llew placed second, Gifford and Morgan unplaced. The ewe and ram lambs were placed second as was Edna the shearling. Brightside Inchrory the ewe continues to have a good year, taking first, and was part of the winning group of three.

Pet lamb judged by Gareth Roberts, Cwrt, Aberdaron:

The pet lambs took centre stage judged in the main ring just before the inter breed. Efa took along Tom, and was awarded second place from four entries, but was disappointed to be announced as Eira on the tannoy!

North Wales Show, Caernarfon, 3/7/2010

A lovely sunny day greeted a show blighted for the last couple of years by heavy rain. A trailer full of hebs and badgers made the trip, including a few of this year’s lambs to be shown for the first time. The show was also an inspection venue for the Badgerface rams.

Primitive class judged by Gwyn Williams, Corwen.

The primitive class was first up with a good turn out of mostly Shetlands. The rams were first out with Gifford taking third, Morgan the four horned sadly not placed. Brightside the ewe was placed second, as was the ewe lamb Magi-Ann, Edna the shearling and Rufus this year’s first born lamb were placed first. The group of three was given first place, and Rufus the lamb was judged reserve to the Shetland ewe lamb of John Toppan. I must thank fellow competitors Gerwyn and Dylan for helping out with the group and in the championship lineup, the badger class overlapped so help had to be recruited.

BadgerFace class judged by Gwyn Jones

Competition was very strong with many competitors going the whole hog for show and for passing their stock in the afternoon. The Torwens were the minority breed, but with Mr Jones being a Torwen man we were hopeful of good placing. This proved quite true with our aged ram, aged ewe, ewe lamb and ram lamb all coming first in their class against stiff competition with our shearling ewe letting the side down by coming third out of 12 and the class being won by Elgan Jones with a Torwen shearling ewe. With a few borrowed hands the championship lineout was quite a sight and shame we didn’t get a photo. The champion and the Society rosette went to our aged ram (TWRO 17) and he then asked Henry Jones to bring his shearling ram, who was second in the same class,  out for the reserve champion. We were also fortunate to pass our torwen ram lamb who ad obviously shown some promise in the show ring.

Shearling ewe class                     Henry, Gwyn Jones and Robin with TWRO 17

Our eldest daughter Efa wanted to show her pet lamb Tom in the Badgerface class, but as Tom is not the biggest of lambs we felt the pet lamb class would be better. There were about 15 entered with some lambs born at Christmas which meant that they had a huge size and weight advantage over poor Tom, and he was the only one with colored wool. The judge started at the opposite end of the lineup and was seemingly checking the lambs for meat as well as chatting to the children, which made us worry, but to our great surprise the three smallest lambs were picked out with Efa awarded third, something that we are all very proud of. Efa won’t tell us what the judge asked or how she replied, but she must have done something right. We must thank Huw the sheep secretary for allowing her late decision, and also for drawing attention to the competition on the PA, and encouraging people to come and see the children who are the future of such shows.

Efa with her pet lamb              Society ram inspection by Wendy Morgan & Emlyn Roberts

Trefor Show

Terrible downpours depleted the turnout for this, one of our most local of shows.  

Primitives judged by Eurwyn Edwards

Again a good turn out of primitives with Gifford leading the way with a third place. Morgan the shearling was adjudged to be down on his pasterns and was relegated to second place, Brightside was not placed and Edna was second as was Magi-Ann the lamb. Rufus the ram lamb kept his winning streak going with the only first of the day. Morgan, Brightside and Edna took the group championship.

Badgerfaced judged by H Roberts, Rhyllech Uchaf, Efailnewydd.

Unfortunately a poor turnout of badgers on the day however quality not quantity proved to be true. With the judge renowned for judging the sheep as a breeding animal regardless of markings we were a bit worried that ours were slightly lacking on the meat side due to the dry spell we’ve had. However we did manage 3 firsts with the ram lamb, ewe, and aged ram. We also took first in the group. However champion went to Henry Jones with his Torddu shearling ram, and reserve to John Toppan and his Torwen shearling ewe. We now have a months break to re assess and to train up the rather jumpy lambs ready for the Anglesey Show.

Shearling ewe class

Ram lamb class


Smallholders Show 15th & 16th May 2010

We always look forward to the Smallholders show and this year was no exception. With the Hotel Ifor Williams loaded and ready to go with 3 of the best torwens and Hebrideans, we set out for Builth. The crowds and fellow competitors were as warm as always which is more than I can say for the accommodation!

Saturday was the judging for the Torwens and against excellent competition as always we came away quite pleased with second for Glyn the ram and fifth for the shearling ewe (champion in Nefyn) and a close second with the aged ewe. We also came a very close second in the Group of three but unfortunately the sheep had lost a bit of condition and weren’t at their best.  Robin then celebrated his win with a swift glass of wine or two with the Badger face society in a little get together to introduce new members. Congratulations must go to Mr King for an excellent turnout and for achieving the interbreed reserve champion of the show with his Torwen Shearling.

Sunday arrived far too early – especially as it was a long very cold night next to a refrigerated lorry whose compressor kicked in every half hour!! The pressure was on for the hebs, a few days earlier we had received a call from a TV company who wanted to follow us through the competition, so being moved down the line-up was not an option.  Giffard the ram was first out, walking well on the halter as always, and he was duly awarded first place as was the ewe Brightside Inchrory. Edna the shearling was a disappointing fifth, and together the group took third place. We therefore had two in the championship line up with Brightside awarded reserve champion to a Shetland shearling.

Brightside & Giffard

Robin with Glyn and Meinir on TV

Preparing the shearling ewe

Sioe Nefyn - 3rd May

A gloriously sunny, if on occasions, blustery day for a show infamous for its bad weather. A new show field layout and attractions drew in the crowds for the most successful show in years. The chief steward John Owen was celebrating 50 years service and was given the honor of judging the sheep interbreed. Celebrating 21 years service was the secretary and collegue Eirian- Lloyd Hughes, we may tease you mercilessly but we do appreciate the work that you do. S4C were also there as part of the Digwyddiadau 10 series, and the sheep were filmed being unloaded from the trailer.

The primitive section was judged by Neil Adams resplendent in a newly acquired bowler hat. He awarded first place to Brightside Inchrory the ewe, an emergency replacement following the death of the intended show ewe after giving birth to triplets. Morgan the 4 horn shearling, Gifford the ram and Edna the shearling all came in second, and also took the group championship. Brightside was placed overall reserve champion to Helena Searson’s Shetland ram.

The badger class was judged by Gwyn Williams of Corwen, and he immediately awarded our shearling ewes first and third place. Charlie, our shearling ram was second to John Toppan’s Torddu, and Glyn the senior ram won his class, as did the ewe. We, therefore had 3 in the championship lineup, so fellow competitor Olwen Ford was drafted in to show Wendy the shearling who ended up taking the crown, with the torddu ram as reserve. The group of three were also awarded the group championship.

Our eldest daughter Efa had entered her Torwen lamb Tom in the pet lamb class, and she defied all expectations by actually joining the line up. Although not placed, it was an achievement for her to stand there in front of strangers. She is extremely proud of her rosette, and took it to school the next day to show to her friends.

2009 Show Year

Eglwysbach Show - August 8th

Badgerface section judged by John Price, Garnfach, Llanelli.  
At last, a dry and sunny show with an excellent turn out of competitors and visitors, but an early start, again, with 7 Badgers and 5 Heb up for show. First out were the rams, with Siwgr paced second with praise from the judge for his excellent confirmation, but Glyn just pipped it because of his stronger eye stripe. Owie the ram lamb was a disappointing fifth in a strong class, and the ewe lamb came in third. The ewe was placed third and the two shearling ewes third and fourth. The group of three were awarded reserve champions to a Torddu trio exhibited by Sioned Owen, Llwydfaen and the overall champion went to John Toppan’s torddu ewe lamb, reserve to Sioned Owen. We would like to thank John Price for his constructive comments at the end of each class; it always helps to know why a particular sheep has done well or otherwise.  

Primitive class judged by Peter Tetley, Eccleshall.

5 Hebs made the trip, and it proved to be a very worthwhile one. Barny, the senior ram, took first in the ram class with Gifford, the shearling, third, Brightside Inchrory was second in her class as was the very badly behaved shearling ewe. Spot the ewe lamb kept up her record of winning her class, third on the trot, and accompanied Barny and Brightside to take the group championship. Barny and John Toppan’s Portland were pulled forward from the championship line-up, and after a few tense moments Barny was declared the champion. An excellent result on a lovely day, when the hebs attracted a lot of attention, and were again photographed for the Daily Post.

Judge J. Price casting a long look over TWP03

Sioe Sir Fon / Anglesey County Show - August 13th.

Torwens : Miss W. Morgan   Primitives :
Someone said that there was a beer tent and a great night out to be had in the Anglesey show so I decided to leave very early on the Tuesday evening to ensure I had a enough time in the morning to prepare! Meinir was working so I had my work cut out taking both breeds up to Mona. It was the first time I had shown in Anglesey and with the pens deserted I unloaded both groups off with minimal swearing. The morning after came a bit early – the few beers to help me sleep in an uncomfortable van resulted in a bit of a headache. It was straight to work at 6am, with 5 Torwens and 3 hebrideans so sort out before 10, I was hard pushed. Unfortunately both breeds were on at the same time but in separate rings. Fortunately Dylan Jones from Betws y Coed took care of showing the hebs with a first place for Brightside the ewe, third with Barny and the shearling and reserve group champions. Meanwhile I was busy with the Torwens, Glyn the shearling ram continuing his winning streak, fourth for the ram lamb, third with the ewe and fourth and fifth with the shearlings. Glyn went on to win best male exhibit and a very close second with reserve group champions. All in all a very tiring yet enjoyable event which both of us hopefully will try again next year.

Sioned Owen , Dyfrig Jones & Robin with the Judge - Reserve Group Champions (Primitives)

Sioe Llanrwst – 15th August 2009

Another very wet and miserable day! Meinirs lead at the top of the sheep of the year competition was very slim and needed at least a champion position to remain on top. Unfortunately, it was not to be, however Spot the ewe lamb continued with her winning streak, as did Gifford but only third place for Brightside and Barny. The torwens did fair a bit better with Glyn again winning his class with siwgr second then second with the ram lamb and ewe lamb third with the ewe. The shearling ewe created a bit of a stir beating John Toppan to first place on home ground  - no hard feelings I hope John! The trio of torwens also took the best group and the shearling ewe went on to win champion overall with Bob Parry reserve with a fine torddu ram lamb.

Robin in the interbreed championship with the shearling ewe.

Sioe Sir Dinbych a Fflint

Our first time at the show ended with a disappointing brace of 3rds and 4ths for the hebs. Not wanting it to sound like sour grapes, but the quality of judging was, at best, poor and the no-show of a steward for the class, requiring the mother of a fellow competitor to step into the breach, was for a large county show unacceptable.

Sioe Sir Meirion

With the tail-end of a hurricane due to hit, things did not bode well for our first attempt at this show, but thankfully the worst of the weather held off. The hebs were entered into the rare breed class, as no primitive section was scheduled, and the class was dominated by some fine Llanwennogs, one of which went on to reserve in the hill interbreed. Barny the ram was second in class, as was Brightside the ewe, Gifford was placed first, but Spot was for the first time unplaced. Giffard, Brightside and Spot were awarded reserve group champions to the dominant Llanwennogs. We hope that the organisers will take our plea for a primitive class for next year as it is unfair on both judge and competitor to try and compare the breeds, and at the end of the day the meatier, larger rare breeds will always win.

Trefor show, July 11th

Judge Mr. Lyn Williams, Fronhaul, Llandeilo
Another wet and miserable day, but a good turnout of sheep all the same. Judge Mr Lyn Williams, fresh from success at The Royal, travelled a fair way to judge a good class of Badgers. Glyn, the shearling, repeated his success of last week, taking first and Siwgr third. Bubba, last years show ram, had his last run out (again!) coming second in class, and the ewe took first. The shearling ewes were placed second and third, the ram lamb second, but our ewe lamb was unplaced as were the group of three. The championship, and group crown, went to G H Jones, Nefyn and reserve to J Jones Toppan.

Primitives Judge Mr.N Adams, Mynydd Llandygai
Another good day for the hebs, Brightside Inchrory, the ewe was awarded first, Barny the ram was second and Gifford on his first run out was first. Mandy the shearling was second, and we took first and second in the ewe lamb class with Spot and Branwen. Two groups went out and were placed first and second, Gifford was crowned reserve champion to John Toppan’s Shetland ram.

Meinir with Barny, 2 yr old ram (For sale) - Meinir with group in Interbreed - Robin with 2 yr old ewe

North Wales Agricultural Show, Caernarfon 4/7/09 Judge: Mr Myrddin Parry

An early start and a full trailer of hebsnbadgers made their way to Caernarfon show. Unfortunately it was bucketing down with the forecast predicting heavy showers all day. We soon offloaded and got the tent up over the pens to try and keep the fleeces dry. There was a good turnout as always and with the inspection of the ram lambs taking place at the show a large group of ram lambs. First out were the rams and very surprisingly against the Nefyn show champion Glyn was awarded first and siwgr third place with the judge commenting on his teardrops being a bit small. Then came the main shock of the day with our Shearling ewe finally managing to pip Toppan to first place (told you to watch out John!). The ewe was awarded third place as was Owie the ram lamb, who’s class was livened up when Efa, our 4 year old daughter, decided to let go of Macsen the ram lamb she was showing. Society Ram inspection day was also taking place and thankfully both the ram lambs passed.  Meinir had a good day with her Hebs in the primitive section packed with Shetlands, winning first prize with her shearling ewe – Brightside Inchrory and first place with a home bred ewe lamb who later went on to win reserve champion. Looking forward to Trefor next weekend.

Left: ram lamb class. Right: Meinir with Anelog Spot.

Sioe Sir Ceredigion, Aberystwyth 13/6/2009

Although regular visitors to the Dyffryn Ogwen show in Bethesda, due to lack of an official Badgerface Judge we decided to venture further afield and made the long trip down to Aberystwyth. With the time, effort and costs involved with the preparation of show sheep it is only fair to ask for classes with official breed judges. Although raining when we set off at 7 it soon brightened up to a fine sunny day and the temperatures soared.  Unfortunately there were no primitive or rare breed classes for the hebs so only the Torwens made the trip. There was a strong line up of Torwens and a handful of Torddu’s. After a brief television interview for ‘Ffermio’ it was time to show. It turned out to be a blue day and we had second places in all the classes entered. One of the main surprises was second for our ewe lamb – which was a last minute replacement with rather poor markings but as her mother was going we thought we’d bring her along too. We now have a three week break from the shows – until Caernarfon Show in July where we also have two ram lambs which we will try to get passed in the society  inspection to be held at the show. Lets just hope Caernarfon Show will be as good as the Ceredigion show which had something for everyone and obviously very popular. Judge Mr Neil Dillon.
Siwgr All hands on deck
Shearling Ewe Class against D. Williams Shearling Ewe Class against D. Williams

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