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SAC 2013

SAC continues to pursue a range of interests, activities and concerns:

view the current Horizon Walks Programme for summer 2013 by clicking here; easy walks on alternate Wednesdays, starting 11.0 am. The walks cards continue to sell well through local retail outlets.

School Garden Project:
assistance to Abersoch primary school to develop a school garden – now up and running and self-sustaining.

Regular clean ups in the Harbour and a pilot clean up on the Sand Dunes.

Bracken Bashing on the Sand Dunes:
two sessions were held late June/early July;  bracken is visibly weakening its hold in the areas covered, letting other plants reclaim the dunes.

Planning Issues: 
reviews and submissions on many issues, including beach dog control, maritime conservation zones, beach trailer park, new beach car park arrangements, Riverside, White House and Harbour Hotel development proposals.  


On Monday November 26th, SAC will hold its Annual General Meeting starting at 7pm at The Vaynol, Abersoch.

Croeso i bawb/All welcome!

New Gorwel/Horizon walks programme

SAC continues to support the regular programme of easy walks, mostly in Dwyfor, every other Wednesday. Click here for the Winter 2012/13 programme...

Walks Route Cards

SAC have produced a series of handy laminated cards with maps and directions for walks in the Abersoch and Llanbedrog area.  A wallet of cards for 7 walks are available @£5 from the Post Office and Turtle Photography, Abersoch, and from Siop y Plas near Plas Glyn y Weddw in Llanbedrog.

Glanhau Harbwr Abersoch Harbour Clean

SAC volunteers carried out another successful harbour clean  on Saturday October 27th.

Bracken Bashing Sand Dunes, Abersoch, June 2012

Please come and help us control this noxious plant on the sand dunes. 1 hour evening sessions (with refreshments) on Monday June 18th and Monday June 25th. Meet at Golf Road beach carpark 7pm. Bring a stick.

Gorwel/Horizon Walks Programme Summer 2012

SAC continues to support the regular programme of walks of the Gorwel/Horizon 5 walking club. These are held on alternate Wednesdays, starting at 11.00am.

They are mostly easy C or D grade walks of 4-5 miles length. All welcome. See the new programme for details - click here...

Abersoch Harbour Clean

Another successful harbour clean was carried out by SAC volunteers on April 15th.

AGM 2011

The Annual General Meeting of Sustainable Cynaliadwy Abersoch was held at the Vaynol, Abersoch from 7-8 pm on Monday November 28th.  Progress in activities during the year was reviewed, including harbour cleaning, bracken bashing, the school gardening project  and  walks and footpath activities.  Possibilities for next year were discussed. The status of the website was also considered.

Gorwel/Horizon Walks Programme Winter 2011/12

SAC continues to support the Horizon walks group. See here for the new programme of walks.

SAC Annual General Meeting

Monday November 28th, 7pm Vaynol Pub, Abersoch - all welcome.

Glanhau Harbwr Abersoch Harbour Clean

Sunday October 30th 11.30 am - meet by the bridge, bring wellies and gloves. Phone Margot 01758 710 057 for more details.  

Summer Walks Programme 2011

SAC is supporting the regular programme of walks of the Gorwel/Horizon walking club. These are held on alternate Wednesdays, starting at 11.00am. They are mostly easy C or D grade walks of 4-5 miles length. All welcome. See the new programme for details - click here...

Bracken Bashing Sand Dunes, Abersoch

Please come and help us control this noxious plant on Monday June 27th. We look forward to seeing you at 7pm, Golf Road Car Park.

Bring a stick. Phone 07815 511 695 for more details.

Talk – Advance News
Alison Palmer, the Gwynedd Special Area Conservation Officer, will give a talk on the local Special Area of Conservation and marine life  on Monday April 18th 7pm at the Vaynol Hotel Abersoch. All welcome.

Harbour Clean
SAC is organising another Abersoch  harbour clean at 11.00am on Sunday February 27th 2011. Meet by the bridge and bring wellies and gloves. Phone Margot for more details (01758 710057).

Spring Walks Programme 2011
SAC is supporting the regular programme of walks of the Gorwel/Horizon walking club. These are held on alternate Wednesdays, starting at 11.00am. They are mostly easy C or D grade walks of 4-5 miles length. See the new programme for details, click here...

If you fancy something a bit more strenuous Llyn Ramblers offer walks on alternate Thursdays and Sundays (see www.rhodwyr-llyn-ramblers.org.uk for the new programme starting in March).

AGM 2010
The 2010 AGM of Sustainable Abersoch Cynaliadwy was held at the Neuadd Abersoch on Monday November 29th. Current projects
were reviewed and discussed, including the walks project, the school gardening project, beach and harbour cleaning, and bracken bashing on the dunes. The committee and officers were re-appointed en bloc.

SAC AGM 2010

The 2010 Annual General Meeting for SAC will be held at 7pm in Abersoch Village Hall on Monday November 29th.  Please come if you can. All welcome.

Autumn Walks

This autumn SAC is promoting the walks programme of the Gorwel/Horizon group. These are mostly easy walks of 4-6 miles (C or D grade) within the Llyn Peninsula. They start at 11.0 am on alternate Wednesdays. All our welcome.

Autumn Walks Programme...

The Llyn Ramblers have also just started a new programme of walks which may be found on their website (see links). These comprise mainly C grade walks on alternate Thursdays and A or B walks on alternate Sundays. However, for this programme extra C grade walks are also being tried out on some Sundays.

Bracken Bashing
Sand Dunes, Abersoch
Please come and help us control this noxious plant on Tuesday June 29th and 6th July
Look forward to seeing you at 7pm, Golf Road Car Park
Bring a stick
Phone 07815 511 695 for more details

Help wanted with Translation

We aim to be bilingual, but we need volunteers (preferably online) willing to translate posters and brief news items into Welsh at short notice. Please contact us if you can help.

Email Addresses Wanted

Help us to keep you better informed about SAC activities by checking we have your email address or by suggesting a neighbour who will pass on information. Please contact us with your details.

Paul Lewis Lecture

SAC is hosting a lecture by Paul Lewis, the Llyn National Trust warden, at 7.30pm  on Monday April 26th 2010, to be held at the Vaynol Hotel, Abersoch. Paul will talk about the National Trust work on the peninsula.

Abersoch Harbour Clean 2010

A well-attended clean-up of Abersoch Harbour took place on  the afternoon of Sunday March 28th. This formed part of SAC’s ongoing beach cleaning campaign and was supported by Tidy Towns Wales. In about an hour and a half we filled at least 20 bin bags with assorted rubbish as well as reclaiming 4 traffic cones, 2 road signs, 2 tyres, timber planks and copious pub glasses.

Spring Walks Programme 2010

SAC is promoting a programme of 12 walks over the next few months, mainly on alternate Wednesdays in conjunction with Gorwel/Horizon. Most are easy C or D grade walks of 4-5 miles on flat or moderate terrain. See the detailed programme.

Note the special SAC walk on Easter Monday at 2pm from Londis/Talafon: Warren-Castellmarch-Clawydd Mawr-Llangian-Pen y Gaer, about 5 miles.  A walk on May 20th in the Llanbedrog area, in conjunction with Llyn Ramblers, will include an optional visit to the fine gardens at Coron (£3 for charity). All welcome to all the walks.

Abersoch Audio Trail Update Easter 2010

Have you followed the audio trail yet? 4.5-7.5 miles around Abersoch and to Porth Ceiriad, in English and Welsh. You can either:

Download mp3 files for your ipod from this site (click here), or

Buy a CD with the mp3 files for £1 from the Abersoch Tourist Information Centre, or

Buy a booklet with  the audio text and a map (£1 from the TIC).

Abersoch School Gardening Project Easter 2010

SAC is supporting development of The Garden Club at Ysgol Abersoch. The aim is to introduce the kids to the joys of growing things. The project is now up and running with assistance from Graham and Margaret Cooke. Broad beans and peas have been planted in pots and the beans are nearly ready for planting out. Potatoes have been set up in egg boxes to sprout before being planted out. Two raised beds have been built and are now awaiting digging over, weeding and filling up with compost. A further bed is to be made to enable each group of children to plant, tend and (hopefully) harvest their own crops.

SAC AGM November 2009

The SAC Annual General Meeting was held in Abersoch Village Hall on November 25th. Reports were received on ongoing activities including the walks project, the campaign to reduce plastic bag use, beach cleaning, bracken bashing on the dunes and publicity initiatives. While attendance was down on last year, a lively discussion was held on a range of issues and new project options, notably the school gardening project. Ruth Owen is standing down from the committee for a while as she is spending more time away from the village; tribute was paid to Ruth’s great contribution to SAC since its inception.  Graham Cooke and Sue Byford were elected to the committee.

Winter Walks Programme 2009/10

Programme of Local Guided Walks Winter 2009/10 SAC are promoting a programme of walks in January/February in conjunction with Rhodwyr Llyn/Llyn Ramblers (Thursdays) and Gorwel/Horizon (Wednesdays). Mostly easy walks of 4-6 miles length around the peninsula. All welcome.

More information...

AGM 2009

The 2009 SAC Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday November 25th , starting at 7pm in Abersoch Village Hall. After brief formal reports, there will be an open discussion on what new issues SAC might take up. All welcome. Please come!

More information...

August 2009 Walks Programme

SAC are putting on another local walks programme during the month of August 2009. This offers a range of walks from 2 to 10 miles length to cater for all tastes. Most start and finish at Talafon/Londis in the centre of Abersoch;  some are in conjunction with other local walking groups. All are welcome.

More information...

Audio Trail

The Abersoch audio trail went live on August 23rd. Mp3 files for an ipod or mp3 player are available for downloading from www.audioguide2go.com.

Grab a Bus 2008

Unfortunately, SAC was not able to continue with the shuttle bus scheme in 2008. Any one interested in volunteering to help with organisation of a second year of operation of the shuttle bus please contact SAC’s secretary Jilli Whipp via our contact page.

AGM November

A well-attended AGM was held on November 10th in the Neuadd Abersoch. There was a good discussion of issues and progress in SAC’s current projects and concerns, including the anti plastic bag campaign, the walks project and beach cleaning activities.

Nordic Walking

SAC is promoting Nordic Walking as part of the walks project, with grant assistance from Sports Council Wales. An introductory, free taster session was held on Friday January 2nd. Those taking part enjoyed the experience.

May Week Walks

We plan to include more Nordic Walking, as well as conventional guided walks and a geocaching event, in a walks week provisionally scheduled around the  bank holiday at the beginning of May. Stand by for details.
For further information and to join SAC contact: Jilli Whipp, (01758) 712083 or jilliwhipp@care4free.net